So people think that artists are weird people - yeah this is probably true but doesn't bother me because other than being very comfortable in my weirdness, I am crazy about art, nature, the ocean ... oh and The Simpsons; after my dad, Homer is my great American hero.

So yes an outdoor lover, from the diminutive detail of macro photography to the occasional wildlife encounter, the outdoors is not only my playground, but my endless source of inspiration. I'm an avid hiker, birder and mountain biker (when the New England mud is cooperative).  It's also where I clear my head and ground myself - new characters are usually conjured up while I trail run - where my mind is in its most free and creative state.

I knew I loved art since I was about 4, but no one let me near pen and ink until I was in high school (for fear that I'd redesign the house in a wash of nonsensical thoughts…yeah they were probably right).  I was the funny artist kid in school and the standard rebellious teen that grew into a chronically sarcastic guy, but I have always managed to find humor (and sarcasm) in almost everything!

I've illustrated a few books in my day and am currently working on a line of children's books that I am very excited about, so stay tuned for those updates.

All the work illustrated here are my original drawings, finished on mostly cold winter nights when I couldn't be outdoors - I'm dreaming of leaving those nights behind and moving to Trinidad in the not so distant future, to be with my girl.

So what'll happen when you pick up this free-spirited Rhode Island artist guy and put him in the Caribbean devoid of winters and daylight savings time? No clue, but, my guess would be either many days of beers on the beach or a lot more inspiration; who knows I might find the right combination of both...

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